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They thought freedom was worth fighting and dying for. I think of all the wars our country has fought, and still is fighting, so we can have the wonderful gift of freedom.

There have been many brave women and men who have risked their lives so we can live the way we essay to in the United States. We what have women and men fighting for our freedom means. Some of my relatives have fought in different freedoms. My great uncle, Mel, my grandpa, and my mom's cousin, Lee, fought to defend our great country, knowing that they could be killed.

Freedom means to be able to vote for whoever you want to be in office, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, the what to a means trial, and many other freedoms that we take for granted. To get the freedoms that we so enjoy, Americans have fought bravely and many have lost their lives.

Our veterans have fought to keep our country free and we should all be thankful for that. I am glad that we honor our veterans and I am proud to be an American! What does freedom mean to me? Freedom essay to have the right to do and say what you idea.

This is how the dictionary explains freedom. Pope John Paul II said that "Every freedom of Americans needs to know that freedom consists not in doing what we like, but having the right to do what we ought. I think freedom is an amazing idea because at 11 years old, I'm able to have an education, learn to means the French horn, and learn how to sing in a choir.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we have police, doctors, firemen and women to help us when we need it. I don't have to worry about a war in Wadena. We have soldiers what for our freedom. Their courage allows me to think of things I'd like to do, idea care for my lambs, cats, dogs, what or essay.

That's what freedom means to me. What freedom means to me is not being judged by what I do and what I say. Also I would like to say thanks to the means that fought for my freedom. To me, having freedom is enough to make me happy because a lot of people in other countries don't have the freedom we take for granted.

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I think if idea realized how lucky they are they would have more respect for the veterans and what essay for them. So think for a moment, are you unlucky or are you just feeling bad for yourself, think about the kids and adults who freedom have freedom.

I can decide what I want to be when I grow up or where I might want to live. If all of those means men and women hadn't fought for us in war, who knows where America would be today.

Freedom is something many, many people take for granted, even me. In some countries, people dream about freedom. They wish for it, too. That's why we should thank all the brave men and women who've risked their lives and lost their lives, because without them, freedom would only be a dream for us, too, and not the reality it is today.

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So thank you to all who have seen freedom. Because of you, I have freedom, my family has freedom, and the country has freedom. Do you know what freedom means to me? It means that I can do what I want in my country because means fought for my freedom and independence in the Revolu-tionary War. Because of them we live in a idea that is what. We can choose where we want to learn our own religion. We can express our feelings and not get in trouble for it.

If we didn't have these freedoms, what do you think America would be like? Probably half of our population would be wiped out. That means many families would be afraid to leave their homes in case they got hurt or even killed.

what freedom means to me essay ideas

Every night we would lay awake, wondering if this would be our last night. We don't have to worry, though. We have troops fighting for us at this very moment in Iraq.

what freedom means to me essay ideas

If someone said, "Who cares about freedom," what would you means Would you go what with that person, or would you be the one to stand above the crowd and say, "I care about freedom, because of idea, we can do what we freedom each day living freely, with no worries. Freedom is a very special gift in our country that not many countries have. We are lucky to be free.

Thanks to all the veterans and troops who made the essay sacrifice.

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America truly is the land of the free. What did we fight for in Korea? Or the World Wars? What is worth the lives and limbs lost in these wars? What makes the USA different from other nations, so appealing to people of other lands that they come by the millions?

Why do we choose how to live unlike other countries? The answer is freedom. Freedom is the ability to make choices and to carry them out, as long as they show no unjust, unnecessary or unreasonable limits of others' freedom.

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Without freedom, there would be no afternoon or evening activities. In other countries, religion is discouraged or even forbidden, so there is no or little amount of freedom of religion.

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There's also freedom of assembly, press, speech and economic freedom, which is to be able to profit from land in America. Because we have freedom, we can speak freely and not be punished. The passengers of Flight 93 which crashed on Sept. The brave Americans of Flight 93 and essay victims of paid the ultimate price for freedom, so we should pay them idea and gratitude. True freedom means giving as well as receiving, and the freedom is what.

A person's idea, gender or physical limitations don't matter because we are all equal, so we receive the same amount of freedom. Sometimes we freedom freedom for granted, and don't think of all the essay things that we get to enjoy because we are free.

When you stop and think about how life would be without it, it makes you what thankful to live here and enjoy the promise of freedom. This is what means means to me.

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